About Me

Want to learn more about me? Well, honestly, there is not a lot to tell. Like a lot of people out there, as I have gotten older my fitness levels have been on the decline. And the numbers on the scale have been increasing steadily with me doing little more to stop them than switching from regular Pepsi to Diet Pepsi.

Well, when I hit 250 pounds on the bathrooms scale, I decided that enough was enough and it was high time that I did something about all these extra pounds that I had been packing on over the recent years. I decided that getting this weight off – and keeping it off – is my new priority. And it is one that I plan to take seriously.

So, as a way for me to track my progress and the ups and downs of this little journey back to fit, I decided that I would start a little blog – mostly for myself but if you’re reading this then you managed to find it too. And it took me a while to come up with a domain name. I finally decided to include my starting weight in the website name, hence the 251 that you see.

251 pounds. That is where I am starting at and I would ideally like to drop around 100 pounds or so. Definitely not more than that because I want to be at a healthy body weight and not too thin.

As you read through my site, please remember that this is just my personal journey. I am not a diet or weight loss professional. I am not even a doctor or any other type of medical professional. Nope. I’m just a regular woman from rural Georgia who has decided to take control of her waistline once and for all!

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