Easing Into Exercise As A Noob

One of the things that I want to start making a habit out of is working out. In the past, I have just done the dieting thing and not really done much exercising. Sure, I might have done a few afternoon or evening walks around the neighborhood, but nothing that really gets the heart pumping and sweat flowing. And honestly, that is what I really need to be doing, not only for weight loss but for my health.

But, since I am kind of a total noob when it comes to exercise and working out, I am not really sure where I should start this new habit. I mean, I guess I could sign up for some classes at a local gym, but this is something that I would rather do on my own at home. If that is at all possible.

Now do not laugh, but I actually looked up how to get started exercising as a beginner. I know, I know, that makes me sound really pathetic. Add to it the fact that I am almost 40 years old and it sounds even worse, right? Well, apparently I am not the only loser getting started exercising for the first time cause there are loads of results on the internet about it! There is a pretty good resource on WebMD for exercise beginners that I liked.

What I learned is that there are basically no rules to getting started. In fact, the most important thing about exercise seems to be that you just need to do it. Of course, you do not want to get injured or anything crazy like that. So you have to avoid jumping on machines at the gym that you have no idea how to use or doing anything else crazy like that. Instead you have to start with some stuff that is low impact and kind of take things slowly until you get comfortable with the movements and such before working up to more intense forms of exercise. No need to be aggressive with it right out of the gate.

Something like walking on a treadmill or doing a home yoga dvd for beginners seems to be a pretty decent way to get things going on the exercise front. Since I do not have any type of gym equipment in my home yet, I have decided to look for some beginner fitness DVDs at my local library. And I read on a weight loss forum that you can find some pretty good beginner yoga workouts online on YouTube, so I might see what I can find on there as well.

Here’s hoping that I don’t get an embarrassing injury when I start working out for the first time in decades!