Progress – Pounds vs Inches

goals progressNow that I am a week into the new year, it is time for me to check my progress and make sure that things are progressing along in the correct fashion. I do think that regularly checking your progress is the only way to ensure that you meet your goals. I mean, if you are veering off track, then it is best to catch that misstep as soon as humanly possible. Otherwise, you could stray too far from your target before you realize what it is happening. And no one wants that, right?

So, that leaves me at a bit of a crossroads.

When I started this site a week ago, my target was to go from 250 pounds down maybe 100 or so pounds to a healthier weight. But sometimes (often) inches are a better indicator of progress than pounds when it comes to getting to a fit and healthy body weight.

That leaves the question – should my progress be focused on dropping pounds or dropping inches? Or maybe even a combo of both of them? Actually, I think that might be the best option for me since it will give me a view of both of them. Plus, if I fail to lose pounds but lose inches one week (or the other way around) then it will prevent me from getting down in the dumps about a lack of progress.

And unlike a lot of other weight loss bloggers out there, I am not so sure that I want to be sharing these numbers here on my blog. I mean, yeah, this thing is about my progress and keeping me accountable. But I do not need to share these embarrassing numbers out there for the whole freaking world to see. I know what my numbers are and that is really all that matters at this point.

So, you will not see any numbers in regards to my progress on here. At least not any time soon! But I will keep you posted in regards to if things are going well or going poorly.

And since this is my first progress update, I am actually still where I started. Of course,  I have no idea about my inches cause I didn’t measure when I started. So, my measurements starting point will actually come from today. So, here’s hoping that future progress checks see my showing a loss in one or both of the numbers that I will be tracking.

Hey, it can only get better from here on out, right? Plus, just acknowledging that I need to make this change is a win if you ask me. I mean, I know that I have only been doing it a week, so big deal, but I swear that I am sticking with it. You will see me succeed, just a matter of when that will happen since I’m on the slow and steady plan.