Starting at 251

Well, until registered the name for this blog, the largest number that I had seen when I stepped on the bathroom scale was 250 pounds. But, it seems that I have managed to gain another pound since then *sigh* Yeah, I thought about just rounding it back down to 250 and not telling anyone that I had gained that stupid pound. But then I realized what I was doing.

If I was going to start this journey out with a a little white lie – I mean, you guys would have never even known – then I was just setting myself up for failure. So, I sucked it up and put in the real number on the scale. It’s a stupid number alright.

I never should have let it go past 200 pounds. Heck, I never even should have let it reach 200 pounds much less go over that number, But here I am. Not only at 200 pounds but well past it. In fact, I’m closer to 300 pounds than 200 pounds at this point. And that is really stupid. Stupid of me that is.

So, I have decided that enough is enough. Not only will I get as far away from 300 pounds as fast as possible, but I will also work on making healthier decisions. Ones that will put me on the path to staying under 200 pounds from here on out.

How long will it take me to make this happen? Honestly, I am not sure. I will not be doing any type of crazy dieting. Instead, I plan on taking it slow so that I do this in the most healthy way possible. And I’m hoping that this will help prevent that loose skin issue that so many people talk about when they lose a lot of weight too fast. So, here goes nothing – I am officially tossing my hat into the ‘gonna lose this weight’ ring. Wish me luck, caught I just might need it!